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“Good experience at Meadowlands Hospital – I was called quickly and my information was taken accurately and promptly. Radiology was completed in a prompt manner.”
— Marie S., Meadowlands Hospital Emergency Room Patient, June 2017

“The fastest ER I have ever been to. Thank you!”
— Lynsay B., Meadowlands Hospital Emergency Room Patient, May 2017

“The nurse at the Meadowlands Hospital who admitted me and took my vitals was very nice and professional. I did have some really nice nurses and I thank them for making my stay a lot more pleasant. I also like the free parking very much and the single room was very helpful.”
— Jose N., Meadowlands Hospital HCAHPS/3West Patient, May 2017



In the event of a life-threatening emergency, call 911 for immediate assistance. Meadowlands Hospital provides round-the-clock, comprehensive emergency care services at the hospital campus on Meadowlands Parkway in Secaucus. Meadowlands Emergency Room (ER) is staffed by board-certified emergency physicians who are actively supported by specially trained and certified nurses. Meadowlands Emergency Medical Services (EMS) is available around the clock. readmore

The Emergency Room (ER) at Meadowlands Hospital Medical Center is prepared to handle your family’s unexpected medical emergencies, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Staffed by board-certified emergency medicine physicians, certified physician assistants, and specially trained nurses, the ER is supported by the full range of diagnostic services. Our emergency patients are offered priority access to the hospital’s advanced diagnostic imaging technology for prompt evaluation and diagnosis of illness or injury. Our dedicated medical professionals, in combination with our modern emergency room facilities, allow us to provide quality care in a personal manner.

At Meadowlands, we are dedicated to the prompt evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of each and every patient. To that end, we have recently instituted a program that will ensure every ER patient is seen by a nurse within five (5) minutes of arrival and an ER physician within 15 minutes of arrival. This means that patients can be evaluated and move on to the next stage of treatment or discharge within a couple of hours, rather than the traditionally long ER waits of other hospitals.

The hospital has made significant investments in information technology in recent years, especially within the Emergency Room. The ER is fully digital and paperless, providing for real-time tracking of patients, their treatments and test results. As a result, we can keep patients and families up to date with the most current medical information. With our technologically-advanced Diagnostic Imaging and Laboratory services, our ER team ensures patients receive appropriate tests from the onset, adding an additional level of efficiency in diagnosis and treatment.

The ER is supported by our Emergency Medical Services (EMS), a dedicated team of emergency medical technicians (EMTs) and associated medical experts that are committed to providing fast and compassionate emergency care throughout our local communities. Utilizing state-of-art equipment, including some of the newest and most modern ambulances in the region, our EMS team exceeds patient expectations for medical transportation.

“No waiting time – was taken right away. Treatment was excellent. The nurses were very nice. Doctor Larry Carter was great – injury was not that bad so he joked around with me-made me feel very comfortable. Never had a CATScan before – staff was very good about communicating what was going to happen. Registration Clerk was a joy to talk with…there were no delays and I felt very comfortable with everyone I came in contact with. Since I am from Michigan, chances of my recommending the Meadowlands ER to anyone is slim but I would say it was a great experience!”
— Meadowlands Hospital Emergency Room Patient

Watch Dr. Sampson Davis, Meadowlands Hospital ER Physician talking about when it is time to see a doctor.

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