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“I had such a great experience at the Meadowlands Hospital! From ER Registration to nurses, anesthesiologist to my doctor – everyone was very professional and nice but most importantly caring! This is what makes this hospital great!"
— Emma R., Meadowlands Hospital Same Day Surgery Patient, May 2017

“MHMC Staff made me feel comfortable and at ease at all times. Nurses always made sure my bed was made and cleaned. I never knew hospital food could be so good. Great meals! Nurses were helpful – amazing staff. For my first C-section, there is no way I could have done it without my nurses. Thank you. Nurses made sure I was in no pain and kept up with me as much as possible. Everyone was friendly and polite. Staff made me feel like family and they honestly cared. At first I was very nervous because it was my first time in this hospital – after my experience I will recommend this hospital to everyone. One of the best hospitals I have ever been to – please keep up the good work!”
— Amanda R., Meadowlands Hospital HCAHPS/Postpartum Patient, February 2017



Breakfast the Most Important Meal of Your Day

All of us have heard the old saying that "breakfast is the most important meal of the day." We often ignore this fact because we are so busy doing other things to start our day and we often skip breakfast all together. What many of us do not know is those eggs or bowl of cereal in the morning can have significance health benefits to you and your family. That is why it should be the most important meal of the day in your household.

Meadowlands Hospital would like to remind you that every meal is important for your overall health and daily nutrition because our bodies need continuous energy throughout the day. A healthy and filling meal in the morning can help manage your weight and could increase the overall activity throughout your day. Below is a list of reasons why breakfast is a meal that should not be skipped:

Better nutritional value – Morning foods are high in essential vitamins and nutrients such as fiber and calcium. These nutrients can be found in a wide variety of foods. Healthy breakfast choices will help your body digest, increase your metabolism and aid in nutrient absorption which will keep you feeling full longer. Oatmeal, omelets containing vegetables, lean meats and low fat cheeses, whole wheat toast and fresh fruit are some healthy options.

Helps keep your stomach full – Skipping breakfast may be linked to an increase in weight gain and consuming more calories during the day. If you skip breakfast you will be more prone to picking up high fat and high calorie snacks to satisfy your bodies need to feel satisfied. Breakfast will help curb your appetite to keep hunger pangs away. If you do choose to snack throughout the day make sure they are healthy options like vegetables and fruits.

Helps boost energy – Do you feel sluggish and slow at the beginning of your day? This could be because the energy your body needs from foods is not being replaced. Your body will then have no choice but to burn up on any excess carbohydrates and sugars it has in reserve. This will cause a drop in your metabolism and stunt calorie burn and weight loss. With the extra boost of energy from eating breakfast you will become more productive during work, school and play with a clearer and sharper mind.

Health risks – Skipping breakfast may increase the risk of type-2 diabetes and the frequency of heart attacks and related diseases. Skipping breakfast can be related to a high blood pressure rate, insulin resistance, and an elevated blood sugar level.

Increases weight loss – Many think when you skip breakfast it will help prevent weight gain because you cut the calories, however this may work in the opposite direction. Breakfast helps improve metabolic function and promotes calorie burn. If you eat breakfast daily it will help you maintain and lose weight from excess energy and fat being burned off. The calories will burn faster and your body will refuel energy when it needs. This weight loss technique will prevent obesity and diabetes.

Decreased menstrual discomfort – Eating breakfast daily is essential for women and their health. Those women who eat breakfast once a week or less could suffer intense menstrual pain and digestive disorders compared to those who ate breakfast daily. This pain is easily prevented from beginning your day with breakfast.

Maintaining positive mood – People who eat breakfast daily are usually in a better mood than others. Breakfast creates the right path to start your day.

Set a good example – Our children are always looking up to us as an example of what is right and what is wrong. Eating breakfast every day can be a great example and habit for your children to learn. Breakfast will help in their growth and development, while helping them get good grades in school.

Breakfast can be a fun and rewarding way to begin your busy day. A healthy breakfast does not have to be time consuming or excessive either. A simple meal such as a bowl of whole grain cereal with a piece of fruit, or eggs with a piece of whole grain toast and a cup of juice could be the best thing for you. If you have any questions, the Meadowlands Hospital Medical Centers Food and Nutritional Services Department may be able to assist you. Please do not hesitate to call 201-392-3100 for more information today!