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“I had such a great experience at the Meadowlands Hospital! From ER Registration to nurses, anesthesiologist to my doctor – everyone was very professional and nice but most importantly caring! This is what makes this hospital great!"
— Emma R., Meadowlands Hospital Same Day Surgery Patient, May 2017

“MHMC Staff made me feel comfortable and at ease at all times. Nurses always made sure my bed was made and cleaned. I never knew hospital food could be so good. Great meals! Nurses were helpful – amazing staff. For my first C-section, there is no way I could have done it without my nurses. Thank you. Nurses made sure I was in no pain and kept up with me as much as possible. Everyone was friendly and polite. Staff made me feel like family and they honestly cared. At first I was very nervous because it was my first time in this hospital – after my experience I will recommend this hospital to everyone. One of the best hospitals I have ever been to – please keep up the good work!”
— Amanda R., Meadowlands Hospital HCAHPS/Postpartum Patient, February 2017



Healthy and Fun Activities for the Fall

Even though, temperatures are starting to drop, there are still many activities for your family to have fun. During the fall months, you and your family can engage in numerous activities before the weather starts to get cold. These activities will also help them to be active and get outdoors.

These 6 activities may be some fun things to try during the fall:

Hiking. The fall is still a great time to get outside and go for a hike. New Jersey offers paths and trails in different state and local parks as well as mountains for all to visit and enjoy. It will provide a great opportunity for your family to be one with nature and to experience the beautiful landscape, fall foliage, and wildlife. Other benefits of hiking include weight loss, body toning, heart disease prevention, and will even help slow down the aging process. If you are unable for go for a hike, a long walk around the neighborhood will be a great way to benefit from the fall weather.

Raking Leaves. As the trees change colors, they will shed their leaves over your property. Now you have another chore to do around the house with little or no time to do it because the big game is coming on. However, it does not have to be a chore at all and everyone can get involved. If you include your children and family it can be a fun and efficient way to clean the house. Children can rake the leaves into large piles and then jump into them before picking them all up. They will burn a lot of that excess energy, a few calories, and keep them away from the computer or video games.

Apple and Pumpkin Picking. During the fall, apples and pumpkins are just ripe and a great way to get ready for Halloween. New Jersey has numerous spots scattered across the state to visit to find and pick your favorite piece of fruit. Your family will have the chance to walk around large orchards and groves in hopes of finding the perfect one for pumpkin carving or apple bobbing. They will also create a great excuse to eat fruit to be healthy. Sometimes these apple orchards have a corn maze where children can run around and burn some calories.

Organized Sports. Since your family loves sports so much the fall is a great time to plan certain games and events where all their friends can be involved. You can organize a neighborhood game of football, soccer or basketball at your home or Local Park. All can also join recreational leagues in your local community and at schools. The community engages in an activity as well as comes together for socialization and fun.

Taking a Bike Ride. Bike riding can be consider as an all year activity, but fall is actually the best time to ride. Fall is the best time because the temperatures will begin to drop. Many are hesitant to go for a bike ride in the summer because it will be too hot or just they just want to perfect that summer tan. Now cooler temperatures will be the best time to enjoy the weather. However, dress appropriately by dressing layers. In the fall, daylight savings time will be the best time to get the most out of the daytime and to go where you want to go.

Do Something New and Different. Community centers and organizations offer a variety of fall classes that residents can take. Fall is a great time to learn some new skills and to participate in a new activity as well as meet new people.

These are only a few suggestions on how to stay healthy and have fun during the fall. There are many other activities and exercises that might excite you or your family. Feel free to do whatever you and your family would like to do just make sure you are all having fun and staying safe!

At Meadowlands Hospital, we always wish for your good health. Please feel free to contact us or call us at 201-392-3100 for any health related concerns.