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“Every person treated me with much care and affection. I want to thank all the nurses for their care and kindness. Doctor was as good as the nurses! Doctor and nurses treated me like family. I hope no friend or family ever has to go to (Meadowlands) hospital but if they do – they will be in caring hands.”
— Mark S., Meadowlands Hospital Emergency Room Patient, January 2017

“The food was great and I had many channels on my tv. WiFi worked perfectly. I LOVED the nurses. They all genuinely cared and were always willing to listen to me. I honestly LOVE the nurses on the maternity ward. I really wish I was better with names because they were all exceptional!”
— Lillian D., Meadowlands Hospital HCAHPS/Postpartum Patient, December 2016



Importance of Sleep

A recent study conducted by Harvard University proved that sleep is more important than food. The reason is that sleep is your body’s natural repair mechanism. When you sleep, your body is in a highly relaxed mode. The repair mechanism of the body kicks in and mends the stress, strain, and wear and tear that your body suffers throughout the day.

Sleep prepares you for waking up rejuvenated and fresh each morning. If you experience sleeping disorders, do visit Meadowlands Hospital at the earliest and get the condition treated. In the long run, inadequate sleep can cause major damage to the vital organs in your body.

Effects on the Brain

Sleep is extremely essential for healthy brain function. When you are in deep sleep, your mind is in a heightened state of rest. During this period, the brain consolidates your thoughts, filters out unnecessary information and commits selected ones to memory. Lack of sleep hampers this very important function. As a result, your retention capacity reduces along with overall brain efficiency.

Inadequate Sleep Speeds up Aging

When you are sleep deprived, your mind and body are not repaired or “serviced”. The little damages caused to the body do not repaired due to lack of attention. Such problems keep accumulating and small damages become exaggerated.

As a result, you experience signs of aging much sooner in life. Besides superficial signs such as wrinkles on the skin, your internal organs show profound aging signs. For example, you lose stamina, your digestion capacity reduces, and the rate of metabolism of the body drops.

Weight Gain and Obesity

Inadequate sleep throws the entire biological regime of your body into disarray. Your body begins to think of the scenario as an “emergency” situation and begins to stock fats and carbohydrates. It alters the hormonal balance in the body and develops food cravings so that you eat more. You could end up with conditions such as Insulin Resistance, which could become a precursor for diabetes. Insulin Resistance is the condition in which cells in the body resist insulin from breaking down sugar molecules. As a result of all these turbulent activities in your body, you gain weight and may become obese, which again leads to numerous other health problems.

Additionally, lack of sleep causes mood swings, irritation and impatience, which could affect your routine life significantly.

Your heart suffers because you do not get enough rest to combat stress. Heartbeat becomes irregular while you’re undergoing stress, which leads to your cardiovascular health deteriorating. Hypertension is a common consequence. The immune system of your body weakens and you become vulnerable to diseases.

Also, lack of sleep makes you drowsy all day long. So, chances of accidents and mishaps increase drastically.

At Meadowlands Hospital, our doctors diagnose the precise cause of sleep disorders and ensure best treatment so that you do not suffer the tremendous ill effects of sleep deprivation. Contact us today or call us at 201-392-3100 to book a consultation.