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“Every person treated me with much care and affection. I want to thank all the nurses for their care and kindness. Doctor was as good as the nurses! Doctor and nurses treated me like family. I hope no friend or family ever has to go to (Meadowlands) hospital but if they do – they will be in caring hands.”
— Mark S., Meadowlands Hospital Emergency Room Patient, January 2017

“The food was great and I had many channels on my tv. WiFi worked perfectly. I LOVED the nurses. They all genuinely cared and were always willing to listen to me. I honestly LOVE the nurses on the maternity ward. I really wish I was better with names because they were all exceptional!”
— Lillian D., Meadowlands Hospital HCAHPS/Postpartum Patient, December 2016



The Importance of Keeping Hospital Clean

If there’s anything that MHMC knows best, it’s how to keep a hospital clean; and what better place for this knowledge to reside than in the walls of one of the leading hospitals in the area? "At Meadowlands Hospital we strive for quality of service and patient safety, " says Afif Escheik, Central Sterile Processing Manager, who ensures that his team goes above and beyond to provide patients with the most sterile surgical equipment, and up to date technology for both patients and staff.

Over the past two years, MCMH has completely transformed its hospital into a nation-leading healthcare center. In fact, Press Ganey, one of the country’s leading quality improvement partners for healthcare, showed that our patients have rated us as the cleanest hospital in the nation!

Why has MHMC made cleanliness their top priority? By ensuring a clean and sterile environment, we’re able to ensure the safety of all patients and health care providers who reside inside of our health care facility.

What are the risks associated with less-clean healthcare environments? Though there are many risks associated with unsterilized instruments or unclean hospitals, the most common and most pivotal is infection. Especially with surgical instruments, it’s extremely essential to follow all sterilization instructions. Too often, these tools are contaminated with blood, tissue, and in some cases, rust after being claimed surgery-ready. In the past, this has lead to patients testing positive for HIV, hepatitis B and C, as well as other painful and hard-to-cure infections.

MHMC is proud to report that our hospital-acquired infection rates remain near or at zero in all measured areas. In 2011, we were noted for having ZERO rates for hospital-acquired infections, which include: MRSA, post operative infection, Central Line Associated Bloodstream Infections, and Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infections.

What you can do as a patient or visitor to help keep hospitals clean: Of course each hospital has their own cleaning procedures, but here are some things that you as a hospital visitor can do to further ensure your safety as well as the hospital’s patients:

  • Use alcohol based hand gel or wash your hands upon entering or exiting the facility
  • Wash hands or use hand gel before and after patient contact
  • Always contact a nurse if another patient needs assistance
  • Do not sit or lie on other patients’ beds – even if they’re a relative
  • Don’t share patients toiletries or bath towels
  • Do not touch any wounds or medical equipment
  • Do not visit if you are suffering from an infection
  • Don’t visit in work clothing (i.e. construction or healthcare clothing)
  • Do not bring food that requires re-heating
  • Ensure that patient’s bathrooms are only used by the patient