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“Every person treated me with much care and affection. I want to thank all the nurses for their care and kindness. Doctor was as good as the nurses! Doctor and nurses treated me like family. I hope no friend or family ever has to go to (Meadowlands) hospital but if they do – they will be in caring hands.”
— Mark S., Meadowlands Hospital Emergency Room Patient, January 2017

“The food was great and I had many channels on my tv. WiFi worked perfectly. I LOVED the nurses. They all genuinely cared and were always willing to listen to me. I honestly LOVE the nurses on the maternity ward. I really wish I was better with names because they were all exceptional!”
— Lillian D., Meadowlands Hospital HCAHPS/Postpartum Patient, December 2016



Tips to Stay Energetic through the Day

Fatigue and lethargy have become increasingly common complaints in adults. At the Meadowlands Hospital Medical Center, we get numerous people who complain of these problems. Interestingly, a majority of these people are generally healthy.

However, bad lifestyle, poor eating habits and inadequate rest are often the culprits that make you feel weary. In most such cases, a change in lifestyle and simple tips that you can follow throughout the day can reinstate your health and pump up your energy levels. You will be surprised how easily you can avoid the dreaded 3'o clock crash.


You might wonder, "Why exercise when I am already so tired?" Well, fatigue is caused when your body cannot make the most of the nutrients you consume. The root cause of this problem is poor metabolism.

When you exercise, your muscles demand more blood and oxygen. So, your metabolism rate kicks up in order to supply to this demand. The stored energy in your body is utilized to fuel this function. Energy flows through your body and you find yourself feeling energetic all day long.

Drink Lots of Water

Toxins that are trapped in your body obstruct the flow of energy and make you feel lazy. The healthiest way to flush them out is to drink lots of water every day. Additionally, pure water contains several useful minerals that enhance your health. When your body undergoes continuous detoxification, your energy levels remain high.

Eat Mini-meals

Split your daily food intake into five small meals every day. Start with a healthy breakfast. Have a small brunch, lunch, evening snack and dinner. Eating small amounts of food throughout the day keeps your metabolism active. As a result, you feel energetic.

Take Breaks During Work

Do not work continuously for more than an hour. Lift yourself up from the chair. Take a walk around the corridor, run up stairs and stretch. Such small pockets of activities spread out all through the day complement the effects of the exercise you put in every morning and contribute to high energy levels.

Avoid Energy Boosters

The most common mistake that most people make is to consume commercially available energy boosters. These drinks or pills give you an instant rush of energy and cause you to feel fresh temporarily. However, once the effects are gone, you feel wearier than ever. Artificial energy boosters harm your body in the long run.

More importantly, get a full night's rest. Start your day with a positive thought. Read inspirational books instead of the disturbing news in your morning papers. If you cannot get rid of the fatigue despite making changes in your lifestyle, visit Meadowlands Hospital Medical Center. We'll ensure that your energy levels are reinstated.