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“Registration was fast, efficient and friendly. The nurses were very friendly and caring. I was very impressed with the care that nurses Cora Brillantes and Maria Pichasaca and transporter Edwin Arroyo provided and their knowledge and efficiency while providing care. I had an exceptional experience at Meadowlands Hospital – from start to end. Keep doing what you are doing!”
— Benedido R., Meadowlands Hospital Ambulatory Services Patient, December 2016

“Excellent care at Meadowlands Hospital – from clerical staff, nurses and doctors.”
— Linda G., Meadowlands Hospital Emergency Room Patient, December 2016

“(MHMC Staff were) very caring and professional!”
— Brian D., Meadowlands Hospital Ambulatory Services Patient, December 2016



Health Information Services

The Health Information Services department is responsible for coding, managing requests and releasing medical information. Due to the confidential nature of a patient's medical record, Meadowlands Hospital Medical Center requires all requests for release of medical records be accompanied by a completed authorization form and signed by the patient. The following steps are designed to best explain the process in order to help expedite your request as quickly as possible.

Authorization for Release of Health Information Form

When Completing the Form, the Following Information Must Be Included:
  • Who the records are being furnished to, including address and phone number
  • Demographic information of the patient
  • Nature of information to be released
  • Dates of treatment
  • Purpose for release
  • Patient signature

Due to HIPAA regulations, your request will be returned to you and not be completed if any of the required information above is missing from the authorization form.

If you are a Power of Attorney, Executor of the Estate, or Administrator of the Estate, please sign and indicate this authority. A copy of this legal document granting you this authority must be included or we will be prohibited from processing your request.

Note: Please remember to sign and date the form. You will then need to fax it to 201-325-6713. For assistance with form completion, please call us at 201-392-3222. Health Information Services department is open Monday-Friday, 8am-4pm. Our goal is to process all request for medical records in a timely manner.