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“Nurses were very kind. Excellent service – everything at the Meadowlands Hospital was perfect. Many thanks.”
— Mirna C., Meadowlands Hospital Ambulatory Services Patient, November 2017

“The morning of my surgery, we were properly greeted and waited on – we were made very comfortable. My son commented on how clean the hospital was…I would like to take this time to commend, bless and praise the anesthesiologist Shanon Kleinman who inserted my line. I am petrified of needles – only once in my life did I have a pleasant IV experience now I have a second positive experience! Dr. Kleinman had the most peaceful disposition and manner about him! His bedside manner and expertise are beyond compare! I know that Dr. Vagmin Vora and the staff were doing their jobs but we were made to feel as if we were special! Everybody made my surgery personal! I am very, very pleased with the care and attention I received during my stay at the Meadowlands Hospital  – the staff over extended themselves in all ways. They thought of everything and made sure we did too!”
— Carmen D., Meadowlands Hospital Ambulatory Services Patient, October 2017

“I was in your hospital two times and both visits were very good experiences!”
— Ann S., Meadowlands Hospital HCAHPS/3West Patient, October 2017

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Dietary Team

Here at Meadowlands Hospital we offer 'a la carte' dining to our patients. The Dietary Department supplies a dynamic, delectable menu, which incorporates a wide variety of the finest ingredients. Our kitchen freshly prepares the meals every day. We are dedicated to providing you with extraordinary dining experiences during your stay with us.
If you have any questions or comments, please contact Jonathan Christopher, Director of the Dietary Department at 201-392-3508. To contact the kitchen directly, please dial 201-392-3117.

An interpretation of History of the American Plate

Once upon a time saying the words "hospital food" could make a person's face cringe. Over the last ten years, hospital food and dietary department have changed the way they think about food and the way it's being prepared and delivered. In fact the United States long fought to find its' food identity, trying to identify what is American Cuisine. With the advent of magazines, cook books, pioneer chefs like Julia Child, the "Galloping Gourmet," the internet, and of course Food TV and its' Celebrity Chefs, we have been given the opportunity to learn about food, learn about all types proteins, starches, grains, herbs and see what they look like. The people of the United Stated have become an educated society about food, the benefits of food, and how to prepare the food.

It is said the United States is a celebration of diversity. This diversity transcends into the food we enjoy every day. In reality the one thing other than drink that we are required to do on a daily basis is eat. At Meadowlands Hospital we want to create an environment where we celebrate our diversity and display it into our food. Because food is truly an important part of our lives, that is woven into all our celebrations and milestone life event, what better way to embrace it by cooking it well and with the best quality ingredients one can acquire.

Besides the mediums that educated our society, what brought about the change in our eating preferences and eating behaviors? It really boils down to one thing DEMAND. Demand for better food, demand for better ingredients, demand for innovation, and demand for a better overall dining experience. The demand created the modern revolution, if you will, for the modern day American cuisine and Dining Experience.

Cafeteria Dietary Dep

Meadowlands Hospital Medical Center Dietary Department Today

Fast forward through history and let's look at what we do here today at Meadowlands Hospital Medical Center. The hospital provides Meadowlands A La Carte Dining for the patients dining needs. The service incorporates the latest technologies in the meal service delivery and offers a restaurant style menu. The menu incorporates foods that represent many cultures and cooking techniques. We feature the Sunday Dinner, traditional Italian Gravy with Meatballs, Sausage, and Spare Ribs, simmered in tomato sauce served over spaghetti. An American Dish Meatloaf was transformed into Pizza Meatloaf with the addition on mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce. We display some Latin flavors by garnishing a Sautéed Tilapia Fish Filet with Pineapple Salsa. These dishes distance themselves from your traditional Dried out Pot Roast and the mystery meat Beef Stew that made hospital fare famous and this "famous," is not in a good way. This modernized cuisine is how Meadowlands Hospital continues to revolutionize the patient dining experience.

The Future of the Department

We will continue our efforts to be innovators by growing our own herbs and vegetables on the property to use in our food or to provide for families in need. The pursuit of looking for new flavors and techniques to infuse into our food will continue as well. Remaining stagnant in our business is not an option.

Though providing a meal is not a medical facility's core business, it is an intricate part of patient care and satisfaction. Eating good food makes you happy, lifts your spirits (psychological healing), and nourishes the body (physical healing). We understand this more and more, and have concentrated our efforts in providing high-quality meals and a pleasurable dining experience for our patients to take away with them.

Guest and Employee Dining
The cafeteria is located on the second floor. Our selection consists of an assortment of delicious flavors from many cultures, which varies daily.We are also making an effort to incorporate healthy food options on a regular basis. The Meadowlands Hospital's Dietary Department has created Healthy Eating tips and recipes that everyone can enjoy.

Our Goal is Simple – Exceed Expectations
We provide wholesome, nourishing, and well-balanced meals. We are confident that this will aid in your treatment and recovery. We will make every effort to ensure that your food is prepared exceptionally and delivered in a timely and professional manner.

Candlelight Dinner for Two
Welcoming your new bundle of joy is a momentous occasion! On the last night of your stay with us, we offer our signature Candlelight Dinner for Two in order to celebrate. Our renowned chefs prepare a bountiful feast of delicious and appetizing portions for the new mother and her guest.

Going Green
We are firm believers in the importance of taking care of the integrity our planet while providing the freshest food possible. Therefore, we try to lessen our carbon footprint by growing our own herbs and vegetables on-site. Our garden here at MHMC has been maintained by our chefs for 3 years now. The next meal that you enjoy at our facility may have been grown just a few feet away and picked only hours ago!