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“Nurses were very kind. Excellent service – everything at the Meadowlands Hospital was perfect. Many thanks.”
— Mirna C., Meadowlands Hospital Ambulatory Services Patient, November 2017

“The morning of my surgery, we were properly greeted and waited on – we were made very comfortable. My son commented on how clean the hospital was…I would like to take this time to commend, bless and praise the anesthesiologist Shanon Kleinman who inserted my line. I am petrified of needles – only once in my life did I have a pleasant IV experience now I have a second positive experience! Dr. Kleinman had the most peaceful disposition and manner about him! His bedside manner and expertise are beyond compare! I know that Dr. Vagmin Vora and the staff were doing their jobs but we were made to feel as if we were special! Everybody made my surgery personal! I am very, very pleased with the care and attention I received during my stay at the Meadowlands Hospital  – the staff over extended themselves in all ways. They thought of everything and made sure we did too!”
— Carmen D., Meadowlands Hospital Ambulatory Services Patient, October 2017

“I was in your hospital two times and both visits were very good experiences!”
— Ann S., Meadowlands Hospital HCAHPS/3West Patient, October 2017

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interventional Radiology

These complex procedures must be coordinated directly by the technical/medical staff. Our clerical staff will take pertinent information and arrange a callback to the ordering physician's office.

Typical information needed includes
Patients full name, birth date and phone number
Ordering doctors name and phone number

Angiograms (ordered to check blood flow through the body)
Brief explanation of exam: An angiogram is an examination of blood vessels that have been injected with contrast, usually through a catheter inserted into the groin.

Arrival Time
You must arrive to Radiology 30 minutes before appointment time. Be sure to sign in at clipboard if no one is at the front counter.

Patients who need transportation, arrangements will be provided. You cannot drive yourself home after the exam.

Length of Stay
Your stay will be approximately 7 hours: 1 hour for the exam, 6 hours for recovery.

If you take blood pressure medication, follow the dosage protocol on the prescription.

Fasting Requirement
NPO after midnight the previous evening.
Same-day stay will provide food following the exam.

Blood Work
You need to have had recent blood work, PT/PTT, and INR for this exam.
If you are on blood thinner, you need to stop accordingly:
Coumadin – 4 days
Heparin – 24 hours
Aspirin – 3 days
Plavix – 3 days
Any medication not listed, check with technologist.