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“ICU and Med Surg Unit – everyone went above and beyond to keep me comfortable. They including the Respiratory aides were all good to me. Everyone took great care of me. Dietary staff was very pleasant. All the nurses were great and tended to my every need with a pleasant attitude. The doctors were great and was very informative and made me smile! Everyone at the Meadowlands Hospital was very nice to my family.”
— Susan S., Meadowlands Hospital HCAHPS/3West Patient, June 2017

“My nurses were amazing and the candlelight dinner was great! (MHMC staff) made sure my visitors were comfortable. Doctors always kept me informed of my son’s health. On discharge, nurses made sure I knew what I needed to take care of myself at home. I really loved my stay at this hospital.”
— Shanice R., Meadowlands Hospital HCAHPS/Postpartum Patient, April 2017

“All staff at the Meadowlands Hospital were concerned and helpful.”
— Mary C., Meadowlands Hospital Emergency Room Patient, July 2017

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Meadowlands Hospital Maternity Services department believes moms-to-be should have a beautiful birthing experience from start to finish. We provide Board Certified Doctors, caring and efficient nurses and state of the art technology that insures babies will be born happy, healthy and at their best.

Our birthing suites are designed with the needs of the mom and babies in mind. We offer individual, private Labor and Delivery and Recovery Rooms as well as a 16-bed Postpartum Unit. We function in an inclusive family centered environment – sibling visitation is encouraged. Mothers may have the option of rooming-in with their newborns.

Newly added is a Candlelight Dinner for Two for the new parents created by our in-house gourmet Chefs. Choices will be selected from our New Parents menu and champagne accompanies this special dinner. Click here to view the Candlelight Dinner for Two menu.

Our services include Antepartal testing, Evaluations and admissions to Labor & Delivery, Delivery and Recovery Care, Cesarean Sections, Childbirth Education and Parent Prep Classes, Breastfeeding instruction, Choice of birthing options, Family centered care, registered nurses who are certified in maternal child nursing care, Board Certified Medical Staff, Professional, Private rooms, Sibling visiting hours and Round-the-clock pediatric and anesthesia coverage. Our new born nursery includes 4 designated intermediate level (Level II) nursery cribs. The Level II nursery provides intermediate level care to pre-term and normal newborns requiring more specialized care.

Before you decide where the happiest day of your life will take place, consider Meadowlands. Call for a personal tour at 201-392-3243.

For more information, please call:
Labor & Delivery 201-392-3243
Nursery 201-392-3244
Postpartum 201-392-3242

"No waiting time – was taken right away. Treatment was excellent. The nurses were very nice. Doctor was great – injury was not that bad so he joked around with me – made me feel very comfortable. Never had a CATScan before – staff was very good about communicating what was going to happen. Registration Clerk was a joy to talk with…there were no delays and I felt very comfortable with everyone I came in contact with. Since I am from Michigan, chances of my recommending the Meadowlands Hospital ER to anyone is slim but I would say it was a great experience!”
— Meadowlands Hospital Emergency Room Patient

"My room at Meadowlands Hospital was very spacious – I loved it. The food was great – the service was amazing. I had the pleasure of having nurses Marcy Ameri and Ivanna Stebelska during delivery. They were superb – they calm me down and answered any questions I had. Towanna Budhu taught me to how to breastfeed the baby. She was patient with me and was simply amazing. Nurse Kathleen Labode-Ramos took care of me and she was great! My visitors really appreciated the free parking…the staff was truly amazing during my stay and my experience was great.”
— Meadowlands Hospital HCAHPS/Postpartum Patient